Code Officer and Local Plumbing Inspector

Code Enforcement Officer and Local Plumbing Inspector
Richard Dolby
Phone: 872-2826
Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 8-4; and Wednesday 8-noon.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view some of our documents. Click the link below for a free download.

A summary of permitting requirements and general guidance for new property owners in Vassalboro:

Click here to read this document (pdf format)

New Building permit fees will become effective July 1, 2015.

Download Building Permit Application
Download New Building Permit Fees, effective July 1, 2015

Occupancy Inspections

Download Residential Occupancy Inspection Requirements
Download NEC Compliance Inspection (Update pending)

Addressing – The Code Enforcement Officer is the Addressing Officer.

New homeowners shall be required to place in a location visible to the road, numerals four inches (4”) in height to identify the building for emergency purposes. If applicable, the mailbox of the residence will have identifying numerals on both sides of at least four inches (4”) in height.

Plumbing Permits

Download Plumbing Permit Application (Internal Plumbing Systems)
Download Plumbing Permit Inspection Requirements

Shoreland Zoning

Download Shoreland Zoning Permit Application


Download Minor Subdivision Preliminary Application
Download Minor Subdivision Final Application

Download Major Subdivision Preliminary Application
Download Major Subdivision Final Application
Download Major Subdivision Performance Guarantee

Site Review –

Download Major/Minor Site Review Checklist

Download Minor Site Review Application

Download Major Site Review Application

Unregistered and Un-inspected Vehicles

Download Hobbyist Permit Application

Automobile Graveyards

Download Automobile and Junkyard Application

Click here to read a document about fences.
Click here to read a document about swimming pools.(update pending)