Code Officer and Local Plumbing Inspector

Code Enforcement Officer and Local Plumbing Inspector
Richard Dolby
Phone: 872-2826
Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 8-4; and Wednesday 8-noon.

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A summary of permitting requirements and general guidance for new property owners in Vassalboro:

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New Building permit fees will become effective July 1, 2015.

Building Permits – You will need a permit for new home construction, modular homes, new and re-located mobile homes, in ground pools, communication towers, sheds, garages, decks, additions to the above, and remodeling projects with a net worth of more than $1000. You will not need a permit for normal maintenance and repairs; temporary garages and sheds; decks or sheds with an area of less than 100 square feet; and handicap ramps.

Download Building Permit Application
Download New Building Permit Fees, effective July 1, 2015

Occupancy Inspections – The Building Permit Ordinance now requires inspections by the Code Officer prior to occupying any residential dwelling.

Download Occupancy Inspection Required
Download NEC Compliance Inspection (Update pending)

Required Inspections necessary, for the issuance of an Occupancy Certificate for an addition or a new Residential Building , as per the IRC Code.
Download Residential Occupancy Certificate.

Required Inspections necessary, for the issuance of an occupancy Certificate for an addition or a new Commercial Building, as per the IBC CODE.
Download Commercial Occupancy Certificate.

Addressing – The Code Enforcement Officer is the Addressing Officer.

New homeowners shall be required to place in a location visible to the road, numerals four inches (4”) in height to identify the building for emergency purposes. If applicable, the mailbox of the residence will have identifying numerals on both sides of at least four inches (4”) in height.

Plumbing Permits – The State Plumbing Rules require permitting by Towns for new septic system installations and replacements; whenever plumbing fixtures are installed for the first time; and the installation or replacement of distribution and drainage pipes, hot water storage tanks and hot water heaters. The Rules require inspections by the Local Plumbing Inspector.

Download Plumbing Permit Application
Download Plumbing Permit Inspections

Shoreland Zoning – Certain activities within 250 feet of lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and wetlands require Shoreland Zoning permitting from the Town. These include building projects, additions, new accessory structures, normal building maintenance and repairs, road construction, earth moving activities of greater than ten cubic yards, temporary and permanent docks, campgrounds, and other related activities. Depending upon circumstances, you may have to be heard by the Planning Board.

Download Shoreland Zoning Permit Application

Subdivision – A subdivision is formed whenever a division of a tract or parcel of land into three or more lots occurs in any five year period. There are many exclusions to this definition. Permitting from the Planning Board is required for all subdivisions.

Download Minor Subdivision Preliminary Application - three or four lots
Download Minor Subdivision Final Application - three or four lots

Download Major Subdivision Preliminary Application - more than four lots
Download Major Subdivision Final Application - more than four lots
Download Major Subdivision Performance Guarantee - more than four lots

Site Review – Commercial, retail, industrial, and institutional land uses may need permitting from the Planning Board. If you are forming a new business, check with the Code Officer to see whether or not you need Site Review permitting. Certain businesses operating out of your home may be excluded. If you are expanding an existing business, you may also need Site Review permitting.

Download Major/Minor Site Review Checklist

Download Minor Site Review Application - less than 5000 square feet of developed area

Download Major Site Review Application - 5000 square feet or more of developed area.

Unregistered and Un-inspected Vehicles – If you own more than two unregistered or un-inspected motor vehicles, and do not have the appropriate permitting from the Town, you are in violation of the Town’s Automobile Graveyard and Junkyard Ordinance and may be cited for this by the Code Officer. If not corrected, this could eventually lead to fines. A Hobbyist license is now available for persons that are actively engaged in restoring, displaying, or collecting vehicles that will be useable within a reasonable time frame. A Hobbyist license allows up to five unregistered and un-inspected vehicles.

Download Hobbyist Permit Application

Automobile Graveyards – You may be eligible for permitting as an automobile graveyard if you are a viable business actively engaged in salvaging, recycling, dismantling, processing, repairing, or rebuilding vehicles for the purpose of sale or trade. Individuals that are not a viable business are not eligible for automobile graveyard permitting. Depending upon circumstances, automobile graveyard owners may also be required to obtain State permitting as an automobile dealer or recycler and may be required to obtain Site Review permitting from the Planning Board as a business.

Download Automobile and Junkyard Application

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